So a couple days ago a listing for a Synyster Standard popped up and i noticed that its got some minor details that are different than the ones that i saw online.
For one the logo in the headstock its not black where the white stripes meet the logo so it can be readable, its just white (  https://http2.mlstatic.com/guitarra-schecter-synyster-starndard-diamond-series-D_NQ_NP_852761-MLA25716825863_062017-F.webp   and the other thing its that it doesn't seem to have the same bridge, while the one on their website says its a floyd rose special this one says just Licenced ( https://http2.mlstatic.com/guitarra-schecter-synyster-starndard-diamond-series-D_NQ_NP_651171-MLA25716829112_062017-F.webp ) and the fretboard looks really light for rosewood compared to my other guitars with rosewood fretboards https://http2.mlstatic.com/guitarra-schecter-synyster-starndard-diamond-series-D_NQ_NP_636007-MLA25716823485_062017-F.webp .
Even though everything else seems to be alright (even the plate for the bolt on neck https://http2.mlstatic.com/guitarra-schecter-synyster-starndard-diamond-series-D_NQ_NP_945359-MLA25716823476_062017-F.webp which i guess it would be really hard to fake).
Thanks and sorry if its a stupid question its just that i don't want to spend a couple months worth of paychecks for a fake guitar. Imgur album : http://imgur.com/a/Dpmrv
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Can you post pics that don't download?

Use Imageshack, Photobucket, Imgur, or some host like those.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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I believe that is legit. I agree that the fretboard is strangely light, but rosewood goes light when it dries out. Just get some lemon oil on it.

Look at this:


White logo, licensed floyd. I even checked the Schecter website for you and found an image on their servers of one with a white logo. It's just an old model. http://www.schecterguitars.com/international/images/stories/virtuemart/product/syn-blk-sil-headstock-highres.jpg

You're safe. That would be a hard guitar to fake, what with the plate and all. I checked what fakes are available of this model and none look as good as this.
That's a real Gates; it's just a pretty old version.
Note that those are "Duncan Designed " pickups, not real SD Invaders. It's likely they're not going to sound the same as what Gates uses. In fact, his current guitars have replaced the neck pickup with a Sustainiac driver, and he has Sustainers on everything. FWIW.
The Floyd is fine; if the knife edges are good and the saddles clamp down on the strings and the fine tuners work, there's really no reason to replace it.
The fretboard wood is excellent; rosewood really isn't supposed to be all that dark. It really doesn't need oiling, but if you're cleaning the guitar you can wipe some mineral oil on, and then wipe it right back off. Don't let it "soak in."
Looks dusty, but that's about it. Nothing a microfiber cloth can't fix.
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Quote by dannyalcatraz
Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
dspellman Yeah im still a begginer (i've been playing for a little less than a year now) so im definitely not going to sound like Syn but hey for my first actual brand guitar it should be great (my other 2 are a Jem copy and a Cort 7-string). Thanks for the answer
bjgrifter Yeah apparently it hasn't been used in 3 years so i'd expect that, im guessing it was someones first guitar and they didn't get into it so they just abandoned it. Thanks for the answer  
I would look for a synyster special if I were you . They go for around the same price and have real invaders and Floyd rose tremolos. They also look cleaner as in no crazy stripes and graphics . I wouldn't really recommend a Floyd rose guitar for a beginner because of the hassle of setting them up. But some people are so set on getting what they want . So if you'll be getting one of these guitars at least get a decent one and don't get ripped off !
jedigovnaUG Sadly here in Argentina the Synyster Special its about 4 times the price of the standard if you can get one (the standard its about 10k ARS and the special its 45k which its absurd since a pretty good job pays about 15k a month and the rent at my place its 7k), the paintjob really doesn't bother me since thats exactly what i want from a signature guitar, something outside of the ordinary.
And I usually go to a guitar store thats about 2 blocks from my house to let them do the set ups and changing strings on my FR guitar so ill just do the same for this, I do get what you mean though
 yeah those prices are crazy. I actually bought a Synyster special for $300 locally. it was an extremely well made guitar, super heavy mahogany body, nice electronics and everything but I sold it because I couldn't get along with the Floyd Rose. They are a hassle and kill some sustain. I don't know much about those standard models, but personally I wouldn't buy one. Not my style...
jedigovnaUG Man those prices sound like heaven to me, 300$ (im guessing usd) its about 5 or 6k here, thats even less than the synyster standard. Also im very much a fan of "new" metal so not a lot of Iron maiden or stuff from the 80s 90s, more avenged sevenfold, babymetal, Dir en grey, stuff like that so something like this is very much my style.
And yeah the floyd is something that most people either love it or hate it, i usually have my main guitar (which will be this) only on drop b and my others in drop a and drop C# for the more heavier stuff so i won't really be switching tunings a whole lot
Anyone taking the time to copy a Synyster Gates would be pretty dumb, imho.
JustRooster Yeah i figured since its not a really expensive guitar usually i see stuff like Jems copied but hey it doesn't hurt to ask someone that knows better
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why does that guitar not have any strings on it though? not good for neck tension. it also looks like it was dragged through a desert floor; doesn't look like it's been cared for at all. i would be wary, and purchase only (if you MUST have it for some reason regarding AX7 fandom) at a price where you would be able to resell almost instantly. that guitar also looks like a pain in the ass -- licensed FR, crappy pickups, nut is missing hardware??? google what a floyd rose locking nut looks like and play the game where you can find the differences between that and what this guitar looks like.

tl;dr -- stay away from this poorly cared for guitar.
It's all about feel
hopespaul It hasn't been used in 3 years apparently so i would expect it to be dusty and poorly cared for, but for the price its not bad compared to other stuff that i can get in this part of the world, also i've heard how it sounds in a music store here and it sounds pretty good imo as for the quality of the floyd i can't really talk about since i've only had 1 fr guitar and it works as intended, doesn't go out of tune often and it just works.
It will be a bit of a project to clean it all up but i doubt it will be enough to completely stay away from a reasonable guitar at a reasonable price
AkumuNoRondo Thanks y'all in case anyone cares i decided to go with a Synyster Custom S on ebay, after shipping and all of that it was like $5k (Standard was 11k and the Custom was 16k, the crazier part was that if i would to buy the custom here it would be 50-fucking-k, so it was 3 times cheaper to get a bunch of dollars, buy it from california, have it shipped all the way here to argentina and pay for everything than just walking in a store and buy it like what the actual fuck) more but its not a lot considering it was a b-stock (practically new) and the standard was "fucked up" in comparison
AkumuNoRondoYou're not going to regret that. The Custom S is a godly instrument.
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the_bi99man Yeah I looked up some reviews on youtube and it sounds amazing apparently the build quality is perfect, the sustainiac looks like a lot of fun and for my first actual "brand" guitar it should be a big step up in quality
Also you seem to be kind of a Schecter "connoisseur" so im gonna trust you in that im not going to regret it  
Haha. Maybe a little bit. I do love my Schecters. And yeah, I've played the shit out of some Synyster Customs. Only reason I don't have one is that the pinstripes and his name on the fretboard aren't my style. But my newest (the E-1) has the sustainiac, so I still get to mess with that. And it's awesome. You're gonna love it.

Speaking of the synyste tho, his ultra fancy American Made custom shop signature is a damn work of art. The pinstripes aren't a paintjob. They're alternating strips of, I think, maple and mahogany.
Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR, C-1 Classic, Hellraiser Hybrid Solo-II, Special Edition E-1FR-S
Orange Rockerverb 50 212
Yamaha RBX374 and Washburn MB-6
the_bi99man Yeah they're real pieces of wood, its really impressive and i think its the only production model with his new schecter signature pickups which kind of justify the $4500 price tag imo specially being a custom shop also it looks a lot "classier" than his usual black/gold or white/gold
Also if you like his guitars but dont like the pinstripes theres the Synyster Special which is pretty much the synyster custom but in solid white or black, i think the only branding on it its his old logo in the volume and tone controls and the back of the headstock, i dont know if they still make them but i've played one at a store here and it was pretty great