Hey, does anyone know a good AMP for beginners that is not too expensive?
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What's your definition of "not too expensive"

And where abouts in the world are you?
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I vote for.....Something used with a usable clean sound and at least a 1x10 speaker.
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Do you know any good brands for a beginner?

Peavey, Vox , Fender, Orange.... all the big names pretty much have something decent... The Peavey Vypyr series  mentioned by Ranom3' has a boatload of built in features that may interest you... or something with less like the Orange Crush 35RT might be to your liking.
I would recommend a SS amp with at least 60W or even 100W and one 12 inch speaker. I would wait and buy something in this category if they are too expensive or look for something used. This will allow you to use the amp for a lot of situations. You can gig with something like this as it is loud enough to play with a band. You can even keep it as a backup or practice amps in future when you buy a tube amp. 

I found a Fender Frontman 100W 212R for 150-200 euro Used. They cost around 350 new. The 2 speaker projects better but is not as practical to carry.
at that price range anything you pick is gonna be close to garbage, so i wouldn't spend too much time thinking about it. go to a store, find one that works, and go with it.

bonus: it has built in effects!
It's all about feel