Well im using a onboard realtek hd soundcard and asio4all drivers.So,im pretty okay with my tone and latency is damn great,but theres something else,how the hell do i balance the sound with the backing track? And i noticed something that sound increases in certain parts of the songs DDD Thats ridicilous i mean,how do i do these things i cant find anything about these things.Should i use cubase for the sound balance? Is that why they use cubase for recording? Cuz im using the recorder of guitar rig forgot to mention DDD

https://clyp.it/ve0hy5f1#  Here you can see the increase in 0:36 and 0:46.Everything is on 0 db should be balanced but thats how it sounds  
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Thank you for the reply,i will try it with cubase asap.But is there any source that i can learn recording properly? like for covers and stuff.
It depends what you want to do. There are audio engineering schools and audio engineering tutorials online. Start off with Youtube and see what you can do with the free lessons.
I originally bought a book on Sonar (that's what I was using) after using 4 track and 8 track cassette portastudios and running live sound and sound at band practices.
It really depends how far you want to take it, there are engineering schools, etc.