I have an Ibanez ICT700 (with hard case), and have been offered an Ibanez Premium RG721. I've been fairly withdrawn from the world of guitars for a while now so I'd like some expert opinions on some things:

Is the RG721 a guitar of comparable quality and value to my iceman? It appears nowhere sells the iceman anymore, as it's discontinued so i dont have a good comparison point. I got it roughly 3 years ago for about £500. The RG seems to be going for £500-650 online.

What are the best places to get a trustworthy review currently? I read a few + spec listings and it seems pretty good. I'm happy to do my own research but I need a help in the right direction.
Sold Ebay auctions might help with values. Spec's wise, iirc, the ICT700 was pretty sweet..... 5 pc' through neck, DiMarzio pups, etc... killer spec's really. 
Lord_Elmo, both are MII (Indonesia).

The cool thing about the RG721 is the Rosewood top, Basswood body.  You can find the specs here: RG721. It's pretty uncommon here in the US since they were sold originally in Japan only, then Europe.

Your ICT700 has "better" PUs if you like the DM D Activator.