I've got myself this vintage processor, and while the tone is great with especially good analog overdrive/distortions, I've noticed a "problem" for which I'm not quite sure how "normal" it is: Whenever I pick a tone (doesn't matter if it's an open string, or a fretted tone) I can hear the background sort of hiss, buzzing sound that comes and fades away with the actual tone - doesn't matter if it's only reverb, or overdrive, the hiss is always there. It's not really noticeable on low volume, but as I crank it up high, it becomes obvious. Is processor at fault, or is it bound to have this noise with effects units?
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I have owned several BOSS ME pedals and still have two old ME30 from the late 90's pedals that I used for many years when I was gigging a lot. I also have an ME50 that is also collecting dust. Great pedals and nothing wrong with them, just moved on to other things. I never experienced what you are describing but I'll take a shot at it and wonder if you have a high compression setting active on the ME5 that is dragging up extra noise. It might also just be that you amp setting (or the amp itself) doesn't like the ME5. Are you running your amp fairly clean and getting your distortions from the ME5 or are you trying to use the gain in your amp for additional distortion. If so try setting your amp very clean (squeaky clean) then add the ME5 distortion and see if it still happens. Also check that the output of the ME5 is not over-driving the input of your amps preamp circuit. Just a few ideas to explore.  
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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