So I recently got into trying/learning to repair the faulty electronics in some of my electric guitars, then my Dad asked me to repair the neck of this 12-string he used to love, but he broke the neck a few years ago and has just been in a case under his bed  ever since.   

I've never done any wood work, however I've been trying to do some research and it seems my current plan is to sand the inside of the crack, fill it with TiteBond glue, clamp it for a day, and hope its at least playable again. But there's a few specific problems I'm not sure how to go about, and hoping the good people of this forum could give me some advice.

1.Whats the best way to get the glue up under the fret board that's separating (seen in the pics below) 
2. How do I deal with the triangular piece on the side that's breaking in addition to the main break (seen in the 2nd and 3rd pics)
3. Is TiteBond wood glue the right choice? Or should I use Epoxy or something else?   



apparently im too dumb to get the images to show up in the thread...
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1) I wouldn't sand it, I would see if I could get the break to close as it is.

2) Titebond should be fine, but I would likely use slow-setting epoxy, as I wouldn't be looking for a reversible repair.

3) I would glue and clamp it, masking the surrounds to keep glue squeeze-out off the finish, and try to get the clamps to hold the fretboard down against the body. The frets will still likely need levelling though. I would also arrange the guitar belly down on some blocks at the nut and end block , with a weight (eg a bucket of water) on the body to force the neck backwards a good neck angle. If you don't do that it is likely that the neck angle will end up too shallow, and action too high.

4) I would put a dowel pin (bamboo skewers are very strong) or two across the break for added security. 
The neck needs to come off the guitar which is a difficult thing to do and beyond what most home DIY guys can do.  Once the neck has been removed the fix is pretty easy.  Just add some glue (titebond is find) and clamp it down.  When the glue dries you can re attach the neck.
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