Hi guys. I'm about to buy an amplifier first time but i'm quite confused for now. I play acoustic for 3 years already. Also i can play some solo and lead parts of some songs on acoustic. So i'm not a begginner that much i can say. I have and Epiphone Casino and i want to play The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Mark Knopfler maybe. So crunch, clean and blues tones. Then i thought a modelling amp would be better. But i'm not sure yet.
- I will use it at home, hearphones out is important.
- Solid state can be more reliable.
- Recording facility is important.
- Good sound and tones would be nice.  

I won't buy from $ using country but i'll will convert them.

1. Fender Mustang I V2 = 165$ : It has Fender FUSE software. It seemed good to me but i'm not use. Some says dirty sound for clean tones. Actually new one is 225$ but i found a secondhand for 165$.  It's also expensive than others.

2. Blackstar Id Core 10 = 90$ : It has Insider software like Fender Fuse. Most says it's a very good one for home use. But i'm not use about i can get nice tones. It's sounded very digital and metal amp to me. Correct me i'f i'm wrong. 120$ but i found for 90$

3. Orange Crush 20 = 125$ : It sounds very nice and great tones as a watched on Youtube. It has not reverb and tuner like 20RT. But tuner is not a problem anymore you know. Other things are same. I can buy a new one.

If you have different suggestions you can add. Thank you.  
The Fender Mustang amps aren't terrible. They're super light weight and have tons of tweak-able sounds especially if you use the Fuse software. It doesn't sound like a tube amp but it's still a decent practice amp.  But please do yourself a favor and DON'T buy the Mustang I, look for a used Mustang II. I have owned both, and the Mustang II sounds way better( even though they have the same presets) it has a 12 inch speaker and it makes a big difference in the overall sound. 

The Black ID core i've heard in a few demos and it sounds extremely digital to me. but I have never played one so IDK.
Mr_Bishop Yes Crush series seems alright but limited features. And 35 watt is a bit much for me i think. I would prefer Crush 20. Thanks for your advice.
I just tried the Orange Crush CR60C on Saturday in the Thomann store. I was just passing by it and thought, 'Hell, why not? Haven't tried a transistor amp in a while.' 
It almost knocked me off my feet. I was so tempted to buy it. It's got the classic Orange tone and the price is decent and it has a relatively small footprint. Would be perfect for gigging - combining it with a crunch channel on a tube amp - man, that would blast anyone's socks off
Hooper drives the boat chief...

Are you in the USA ? You can find used Mustang II for around $100-130 . Oh wait you aren't . But I'm telling you 8 inch speaker vs the 12 inch makes a huge difference in the tone
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jedigovnaUG Actually i found a used one for 160$. Fender is a bit expensive. Orange and Blackstar is more normal price. And as i read on some forums  Mustang I is better for home use. Mustang II is quite loudy. I don't know how it is with low sound.

They are both quiet enough for apartment use. II can get louder if you need it but you can still use it in a low volume . Up to you in the end. I just personally think the 12 inch sounds way better. The 8 inch speaker sounds like a toy .