Man this is seriously embarrassing but it has been years since I owned a Floyd Rose. I finally have it set up perfectly and I'm not positive which direction the bridge locks go on or if that even matters . Does the little line in the middle of the little locks run parallel with the strings or parallel with the frets? I've always seen them and put them on running parallel with the frets but earlier on YouTube I seen many people running them parallel with the neck/strings. Thank you
This is really not a technique issue, so I'm moving this to Electric Guitar.

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Are you actually talking about the lock nut blocks on the headstock?  They are the only thing I know of with the little lines (crest/apex) that can be flipped different ways you're talking about.  If so, they go parallel with the strings. 

Pic of my one FR guitars headstock & blocks where you can see the crest/line.