Welcome everybody. I made this track quite quickly- I came up with few basic riffs ideas yesterday, and finished it few minutes ago. This one has rather convenctional song structure as I'm still a beginer who had failed massively with more complicated stuff. I hope it's somewhat listenable.
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My question is, can you actually play any of this on guitar? 🤔

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I first took a listen before reading your post and the first thing I would have said is that it clearly sounds like something a beginner would write but that's ok then.

Well, when I started writing songs with guitar pro, or writing songs at all for that matter, I started with the drums. To me, metal is heavily reliant on drums and not on the guitar, but anyway. When I start something new, I want to first have a good understanding of the underlying structure of things. My advice for you is to work on the drums. I'm not trying to be condescending at all here, but you should really ask yourself, if the drums you have written are realistic or at all practical. And if you say that you dont know how to write drums, then just listen to some of your favorite tracks and try to transcribe, aka copy the drums. It's actually what I did for one of my first songs, copying a section of Vader's I shall Prevail and then putting my own guitar over it.

Essentially, I cant make out any reasonable structure and apart from not sounding sonically pleasing, I can also not see any reason or meaning behind your guitar riffs. Now this sounds harsh, and you have to bear with me for a minute, for I have listened to way too many psychology lectures recently, but the way I perceive and enjoy music, im always first looking for a known structure, something that is easily accessible, a groundwork that I can rely on which sets the basis for the rest of the music to explore new ideas from that known ground. 
Now when I listen to some of JazzDeath's pieces, or any of the other great UGers, DiminishedFifth, Reddeath9 etc who kept writing those crazy ass pieces, so complex that I stopped trying to understand them, I could only listen in awe and enjoy them without being able to really grasp them. However, the whole subjetivity of art argument doesnt quite work in this case here, because I have reason to suspect that what youre trying to accomplish is actually much different than what you have written here.

Now this might be different for many other people, and certainly my somewhat conservative way of appreciating music is able to explain why I cant get into prog at all, but I do strongly believe that there is an objective side to music which cant be explained away and as boring as that sounds, there is a reason why a lot of guitar teachers start with the blues, because it offers a simple, easy to understand and widely recognized framework while being quite modular and easy to extend upon.

Anyway, it seems to me like you jumped straight into trying to write some fringe prog tier stuff without getting down the basics at first, which is what I would recommend you do first, and instead of bruteforcing it, going trial and error, I would recommend you first just copy someone elses style or at least grab ideas from here and there. A couple years back I was happy to stumble upon another UGer who somewhat inadvertently laid the foundation for my own writing style over the following years and whom I greatly benefited from.

I hope this wall of text helps, it's certainly better than me trying to sugarcoat the fact your song sucks as to not offend anyone, which I just did anyway so that's that. But dont worry, if I had ill intent I wouldnt have spend all my time writing this
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Thanks for constructive criticism, I don't feel offended or something like that as you just showed me what I'm doing wrong. Problem I encounter with myself is that I have some ideas in head but I'm poor when it comes to translating them into piece of music. You are right- I have aproached  proggy writing to early (I love bands like Decapitated, Meshuggah, Necrophagist, Death, Pan.Thy.Monium ) You are also right about suggesting using songs from other bands as reference- though I have tried  this and ended up writing something that was just blatant copycat. I will try to look more on basic stuff like blues, though I have never been a fan of that particalur genre. Thanks once again :-)
well blues was just an example, dont force yourself to write blues just because of that. But in metal there is a lot of easy enough metal and a good amount of simple but good rock, too.

My music is mostly shaped by thin lizzy, testament and some other bands I listened to tons, which all happened to have fairly simple song structures of the usual Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse2 - Chorus2 - Bridge/solo - Chorus3 - Outro which applies to a lot of my songs, especially the ones I wrote back in the day on here. Actually, every single one of my songs that I wrote while I was in my "learning" phase, was inspired by a very specific song or riff that I wanted to extend upon.

Not to highjack your thread, but maybe youd like to check out this song which, despite the filename, was the 4th song I ever wrote https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1155657 It's essentially just a blatant copy of which I wanted to emulate, but in trying to do so, I noticed what worked and what didnt.

As you can see I completely copied the intro drum roll, the whole idea at around 0:40-0:50, the blast beats at the climax while using the typical fast thrash pattern for the verse. The whole "Break" part in my song is actually a copy of another vader song, shape shifting, that youll find on youtube easily, which has a similar way of changing the pace in the drums to then suddenly lead into a guitar solo. Shape Shifting by the way is probably my favorite death metal song and a great example of a song that keeps changing it up while making sure youre never lost. And has about the best drum sound I can imagine for metal, definitely worth looking into.

Another example of that would be this song https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1248779 which I based on testament's "all I could bleed" and someone even pointed out it sounded like them, which told me that I acheived my goal.

Ideally, this post would give you some motivation to try your hand at something similar, because it forces you to think about what it is concretely that you like about a certain song and how it is achieved musically, to then abstract that concept to apply it in a different to your own song and in doing so, you can learn that technique and then really make it your own.

edit: seems the links to the gp files are dead so here are backups https://dl.dropbox.com/s/rx8xua1yrh0iu82/%239.gp5?dl=0 https://dl.dropbox.com/s/93szr6cnnm2s72l/%2331.gp5?dl=0
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