I'd been thinking about getting some kind of axe fx or kemper or something for a while, but didn't know about shelling out so much cash. Then I saw somebody mention the Amplifire the other day and it looks perfect. The main thing is I don't know what kind of speaker setup to go for. The Atomic CLR looks amazing, but $1000 for a speaker is pretty steep. The Alto TS212 or TS215 are way cheaper at $300 or $350 and have good reviews, but are they not frfr? How much does that matter? Can they be EQed to be flat response, and how hard would that be to do? Also, should I go with the 12" or 15" model (or even the 10") and why? Any other speaker recommendations to check out?
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Bumpity bump. A whole day with no responses at all? Are all of my question about things that nobody knows, or did the resident gearheads take yesterday off?
I don't use my Amplifire with an FRFR so I can't help you there. Dspellman IIRC uses FRFRs for his modelling rig but not an Atomic so I can really only help you if you want info on DI tones or the Amplifire into a poweramp and cabinet.

You also have to realize that there's literally less than 5 people on this entire forum that owns one and from what I gather I'm probably the one that's experimented the most with it.
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Ah, damn. I haven't checked GG&A in a while, but remembered there being a lot of talk about Kempers and such, so I assumed they'd be all about the Amplifires as well. I have a B-52 head and cab already, so I could just get the Amplifire and see how I like it through that first, but I'm sick of my 4x12 cab and want something smaller, so I figure an frfr or some regular loudspeakers would be a lot easier to carry around - plus it's supposedly better anyway with the impulse whatever thing. Searching for frfr speakers turns up very few results and the ones that I do see are all a little outside of what I'm willing to spend.

Are you happy with the Amplifire? I've checked out a few youtube videos on it and it sounds really good. A few I've seen mention that right out of the box the presets are ok, but not particularly good until you start tweaking things and  trying different stuff out, but others say the ones straight out of the box are pretty good. What's your take on it? Can you get it to the point where if you close your eyes you'd think you were playing the real thing?
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I'm pretty happy with mine so far. It responds to your playing in a fashion that is genuinely very much like a tube amp. Shouldn't surprise anyone since the processor is the same as what is used in Axe FX.

The factory presets are mediocre, just like with pretty much any modelling amp out of the box, high-end or not. Downloading 3rd party presets and cabinet IR's and tweaking them to taste is where it's at. As for how closely it mimics the real thing, it depends on how well you dial it in. But people who know how to dial in a tone have made it sound very, very convincing.

Like hatebreed, I don't use FRFR monitors. Just either headphones w/ cab IR's or a power amp going into a guitar cabinet.
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FRFR is what you want. I run mine through an old foldback wedge at home and at gigsI am just using the house foldback. The cab impulses are great on the Amplifire and you can load in third party IR's as well.
I recently had to work on an Altec. It didn't have a fuse before the power transformer and it had a burnt out winding. Pretty shoddy design to my mind. Otherwise they do sound quite good and will suit your purposes.

PS the Atomic CLR is FRFR too.
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The main selling points for the CLR are that it's a coaxial speaker and fairly compact. It's not particularly lightweight, however. Certainly a decent piece.

Essentially you want to be looking at a good, solid full range frequency response speaker (or pair of them).

I have a pair of powered studio monitors for home use (KRK Rokit 8's have about 100W each). I've got access to some bigger studio monitors (the Rokits are near field for a small room, the others are actually 800W "mid field" monitors and another order of magnitude in price over the KRKs). Carvin's PM12A and PM15A are 400W powered two-way speakers that run under $300 each, weigh in at 30-35 lbs and can be used as a powered wedge monitor (floor), as a floor-standing amp or on a pole (like a PA speaker). Pole mounts are built in. They have 12" and/ 15" LF drivers, respectively and are pretty easy to one-hand nearly anywhere. And finally, I've got a pair each of fEARful 15/6/1s and fEARless F115s. These were originally designed for bass players, but they're flat response full-range speakers capable of handling 800-900W each. I've coupled them with 1500W power amps (800W bridged/mono into 8 ohms, or a single cabinet, 1500W bridged/mono in to 4 ohms or two cabinets). Despite having properly sized cabinets for 15" LF drivers, they weigh in the 40-50 lb range.