I actually liked the song. It sounds really lennonish. I guess the only weak part to it is how you performed the vocal line - in some places it sounds professional (esp the distorted vocal)  in others rather amateurish. When you nail the vocal consistently you ve got yourself a very professional sounding track. Not sure if it's commercially viable today but it does replicate the vibe you'd set out to replicate - no doubt about this one

I have never listened to the Beatles so I don't really have a reference point for the sound you're going for, I have some good & bad stuff to say about this, some things I would change about the mix is that the vocals sound a bit weak compared to the rest of instruments, the drums too, and they sound a bit powerless to me, the vocals don't feel right IMO, not the lyrics but the way they are sung, the tuning of the vocals, and I'm not sure if they click well with the instrumental.

I imagine this song would sound good with a lot more warmth in it in general, no need for super big drums, just make them bigger, add more power to them, use a vintage sample kit to keep the lo-fi feel, add a bass that feels good, warmer, thicker & louder guitars properly blended & edited with the stuff you already have going, add vocals that are in tune maybe an octave lower & put on a more intimate voice, and add layers when needed, to make the song sound like you want it too. It would sound better & right with these changes IMO. Obviously some of this stuff like vocals can take lots of practice until you get it 100% right.

On the good side, I thought that you got the lo-fi feel pretty good, also the stuff with the instruments sounds pretty well made to me, it just has this old-school feeling that's not very strong (IMO of course) that could be made absolutely awesome if this was made into a bigger & more intimate sounding song.

Good job though, keep going, like I said I think this can be made into something way more awesome with some practice & time!

(And obviously, this is only my opinion, I say the things I would change as someone who's used to listening to modern metal & rock all the time, I don't know a thing about older bands & sound)
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Thank you for the review! Now your tune: the thing that stands out the most for me is the Mellotron-like-flute-sounds ala "Strawberry Fields Forever", so that sounds cool. I haven't tried one, but I've seen an Electro Harmonix C9 pedal video making nice sounds. About 2 weeks ago I went to the Beatles (Story) museum in Liverpool, England. They had a Mellotron MK11 there that was owned by Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra, and worked with George Harrison): which is the same model used in the original Beatle recording; they said perhaps the one at the museum was the one that was actually used to record "Strawberry Fields". Anyway, instrumentally, everything sounds rather good on your recording. Curious how you got the sitar-like sound, it sounds quite "Beatles". Vocals are sometimes a bit pitchy, though the vocal melodies are good. I like the song.
aaron aardvark  Thanks for listening Aaron. I was really happy how this turned out. The C9 is an amazing sounding pedal. I'd hope to get to Liverpool someday and see that.  The sitar solo was done with an Electro Harnomix Ravish Sitar pedal.  There is also a Danelectro 12 string in left channel.
VStratto Music thanks for your thoughtful reply. I agree with your comments on my drums. My usual kit is down so I was using a practice kit which doesn't sound as full and rich. Maybe ill redo the drums at a later time.