I heard this song the other day and I think I was reborn as a guitarist. Hearing this guy rip this solo completely changed how I want to play. I've been a musician for 10ish years and I've never heard a song that captured how I want to play as well as this one
Naturally to learn how to play like that I'll need to do my own transcription, which I'm working on, but if really appreciate any help with it that anyone would be willing to give. I'm 90% sure the intro riff hangs around the 5-7 frets on the A D and G strings (plus some open notes), and the riff after that I have trouble hearing but I know it's in the same position. However, playing along with the song something sounds just a tiny bit off. Me or the recording could be out of tune with eachother or he could be downtuned, I'm not really sure. Like I said, any help would be awesome