I have the fireworks ready
with every color I could find;
and, if I stared at the core of the blast,
I wouldn’t get any more blind
than I am with the expectations,
aware that they wouldn’t be right,
for your glow defies the entire spectrum
that humans can recognize.

I even brought the confetti,
in case the rockets aren’t enough,
because I feel like I have reincarnated
since I’ve felt this close to love,
and that’s enough to celebrate -
shower this airport with champagne
and, if a storm breaks out, I feel
we could dance in a hurricane.

I want to break out of the traffic
like Stipe in 'Everybody Hurts',
but, instead of making everyone depressed,
they should burst in dances and hugs.
Today, if tears fall down our cheeks,
make them cascade in purest joy,
to show this motherfucking distance
we’ve dismantled all of its decoys.

Time has finally began to pay back all that it owes,
and though it’s just a sample, I’ll accept all that it throws,
because, through all the changes we’ve gone through, this feeling grows.
So I’ll clench this happiness,
spill it all out of my chest,
fill this hall like a pandemic
that leaves everyone ecstatic
with a realness they can touch.
It’s so soft, I’ll get immersed
and not stop until it fills me whole.