Hi all. I recently got an effects board from a friend. I was super excited because it has really good sounds. However, when I plugged it in to play, there was so much noise coming from my amp I turned it off because it sounded like it would explode!

My guitar is just a basic and cheap Indiana electric guitar, the amp is a Randall RX15 (22 watts), and my new board is a Boss GT-5. The amp is about 10 years old and the board is at least 5.

Any advice/suggestions is welcome!
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Does the amp still make a sound when you plug the guitar straight into it (without the Boss)? I'm guessing no.
Double check to make sure you're using the Mono Output (L) on the GT-5. Maybe the output level is up to high as well. Turn it down all the way and slowly increase it along with your amp volume to get the desired volume. Are you using a three cable method also into the effects loop of your amp?
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