Hi, everyone

I've been playing guitar for approximately 3 years now, since the day this account created.  I got the callus for the first year and after that, I never had a callus ever again. 

I ask this question because I'm concerning that my finger is going to cut when playing intensive. I never slide or hammer off that often on the 1st string because I feel something wrong. I felt that the string goes into my finger so I usually only slide for like 2 frets instead or slide slower which is a problem when try to play on a beat. 

Is there anyone who doesn't have callus and slide/hammer off fast without problem? To be honest, I use to cut my finger one and since that that day, I never bend/slide/hammer of ever again on the 1st string at all.

Sorry, English is not my mother tongue and Thank to you who always reply to my post since the day I start playing guitar.    
cutting your finger is just part of it. most of my "calluses" are just where cuts healed back, then i cut them open again, ad nauseum until fingertips became rocks. then when i picked up bass, it was blood blisters, especially when i learned to slap

you're rubbing your skin against thin wires, don't be afraid to get cut once in a while. that's how your skin toughens up.

you're basically saying, "i've been going to the gym for 3 years, but i'm afraid my arm will hurt the next day so i never lift more than 5 pounds at a time"
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So you cut your finger just to make it tough, that's insane. Anyway, I used to get my finger cut but it doesn't hurt. I just feel anxious. It's like mental problem like most of the people who afraid of blood and those who fear of injections.
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you don't break skin that often unless you practice a lot. there was a time when i was practicing 3-8 hours a day, which is where most of my strength and muscle memory came from

to be fair, during this time i also couldn't cut my finger open with a knife unless it was legitimately sharp (and even then it didn't bleed because of the surplus of dead, hardened skin)

now i have a life so my fingers are a lot less strong, but once you go through a few weeks of pain you'll be situated well to never have that problem again
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I've never broken the skin from playing. My fingers get really sore sometimes if I haven't played much for a while and then I play for hours and hours on - especially on an acoustic. My fingers have very slight callouses - you almost cant see it - they just feel a little tougher than my right hand fingers. When I've got my fingers hardened up and then quit playing for a while they do eventually start peeling though.

If you keep your strings clean, put new ones on before they start getting all rough and nasty, and don't press down overly hard, which is bad technique anyway, then you shouldn't have trouble with cutting your fingers. If your playing with like 9s maybe try changing to 10 gauge strings. They're slightly harder on the fingers, but less likely to cut you. Heavier strings will also help build callouses a little.

One of the first solos I learned  before I'd really gotten any callouses was the second one in Suzy Q that keeps sliding from the 3rd fret on the high e string all the way up to around 12 or so (slide out to nowhere). It was kinda scary at first, but I just kept a light touch and never got cut from it. No way I'd want to do it on some rusty ass old strings though.
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You won't cut your fingers unless your strings after super rusty, in which case even with callouses they can potentially cut you. Change your strings regularly, clean hands help, and keep practicing. You will eventually get callouses, it just takes longer for some. I've gotten a few cuts before, but it's really minor and you probably won't even notice until 5 minutes later when you notice your strings are covered in blood. It happens, but it's really nothing to worry about.
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You need to build those calluses so that you won't have to be afraid of cutting your finger. 

Try this exercise for building calluses:

- Starting on the low E string, press down your finger on the 1st fret. Then slide your finger all the way up to the 12th fret. Then slide it back down to the 1st fret. Then up again, down, up, down, up, down etc. Do this for 5 minutes a day. When you feel comfortable and relaxed doing it on the low E string without cutting yourself, go to the next string (A string). Then the next string, then the next string. Eventually you'll easily slide up and down the high E string with no problems whatsoever.

When you do this exercise you will build strong enough calluses so that you won't ever have to be afraid of accidentally cutting yourself again. Hope that helps.