Very cool intro the quality is professional for sure  its got a great feel. damn good vocal tone you sound like the lead singer of red line chemistry idk if you've heard of them (They kick ass) I like the lyrics as well overall its a creative piece of work the guitar tones and the delay effects sit in the song very well its an impressive song you and your band should be proud. c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1754420#5
I'm absolutely in love with the guitar tone here and the singer's voice/song dynamics. But the drumming seems to be off to me. Sounds as if the part was intentionally made too complicated to show the drummer's musicianship (or did you have it programmed?).

All the other parts sound pretty sparse and straightforward - just the way they should be to work for this type of song. Every single note is on the money, but the drummer (or did you program the drum parts?) just keeps adding stuff that takes away from the groove. Or so it sounded to me. I guess you could make the song yet more appealing by keeping the drum beat in check.

Overall, a very solid track that makes you feel good on listening to it! Isn't it what the music is about ?

Haha, cool! The singer does have that melancholic Russian tone to his voice. As in here

I actually quite like the song from the video!

Anyway, cheers! Keep up the good work!