I'm planing go get my self electeic guitar and i got some offers to get very nice guitar for little money. One option is Epiphone Les paul Tribute 1960 for around 350€, but neck was broken and instrument master repaired it and he says its good as new. Other option is Cort cr250 for around 250€ (new in package). My "profesor" says better to buy cort because if neck was broken it never will be same sound again, and alo i can buy some new pickups for cort so it gets in same price range. I really can't decide, some people will say why am i getting so expenisve first guitar, but i will take them beacuse its really nice offer, and i dont want to buy new one in a year or so.
Ty in advance
I would get the Cort, as they have a very good reputation, but play it for a while before getting new pickups.  You never know, you might like it as it is.
The Tributes are the best Epiphone LPs I think, but #1 the price isn't all that great, I've seen a few selling just a little higher in proper condition; #2 Epis quality isn't the best; and #3 if it was properly fixed it might not be an issue but it's broken nevertheless and if you plan on selling it later on you won't get anything close to what you're paying.
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I'll probably take cort cuz most of the people thinf its better idea, selling after, les money, and overall better experience with cort than with epiphone. Ty for you advices and i would like to ask few more questions. Are elixir strings worth it, and should i get pedal and better quality amp or some all in one amp?