I have a prs se custom 24 that I enjoy however, I usually neglect it for my 7 string schecter becuase of the action. I play for extended periods of times so low action is my thing and the action on my schecter has been setup to be very low fortunately with no annoying buzz. I usually take my guitars to a tech but might try adjusting action myself but I have a few questions as well as a few issues

First, if this makes sense, my prs guitar's action seems fairly low, about just how I want it on the lower frets but as it gets closer to the 12th fret the action seems higher. Is this an adjustment I'd need to make with a truss rod? or is it all bridge?

The second thing is a big issue that I have. On the 14th fret of my G I noticed some buzzing. After putting a credit card on to check if there was a fret that was too high I found the raised fret. Not wanting to mess up the guitar myself I took it to a tech and he mentioned the raised fret as well as mentioning that it's really hard to fix? He did what he could yet I still found a buzz albeit not as bad as it was before. The thing is that the action on these higher frets are still too high for my liking. I really enjoy the ease of playing on lower action and I'm afraid my 14th fret will be dead if I try to adjust it
Might want to take it to the shop and see what they can do for you for the frets. Or buy some tools to get the exact measurements and fix it yourself.

If it's just one fret raised, fooling with the truss rod won't fix it. You need to fix the fret.
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Fix the fret. Nothing you can do until you fix it. There are several ways to handle a raised fret, but it looks like this tech isn't up to the task, so do NOT ask him to do it. This may not be the only fret out of whack -- if you have the action low at the 1-5 area but it's high in the frets from 12 on up, you'll have to be able to lower the bridge. IF you can't lower your bridge without causing a lot of buzzing, you need to find a GOOD tech and have the level of the overall fretboard checked.
dspellman Yeah, I was honestly a bit surprised when he said he doesn't know if he'd be able to fix it. I'll find a tech and try to check the whole fretboard checked out to avoid further issues, thanks
This is the kind of tool a lot of techs will use to re-seat a flyer fret:


Some will use something similar but mounted on a drill press, etc.

This will not guarantee that you will end up with level frets. Most manufacturers don't glue their frets, so changes in environment will sometimes allow a fret to "pop" out of its tang slot to some degree. Over time, I'm making sure that the guitars I use the most have had their frets superglued (keeps them in place and eliminates "dead" frets), and will often follow that up with a PLEK fret level.