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Yeah great!
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Nah, derivative Pink Floyd knock off
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Where is the drop?
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Vocals come in too late
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Singer is bad
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Singer is good
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Too many guitar solos
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Too few guitar solos
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Hey guys, haven't posted in a while.
In a new band, got a couple of big shows coming up, and would like some honest, constructive criticism and feedback on some of the material that we intend to play. Have a listen to our private soundcloud, and feel free to criticise production, musicianship and songwriting as you see fit!


We're playing at Nambucca in North London, UK tomorrow evening if anyone fancies.


I really dig Straight Light. Overall it's top notch and sounds professional. The intro felt way too long though. I was almost ready to skip and pass by. Finally the vocals came in and the chord progression sounded rather intriguing. Glad I kept with it!
Try adding more delay.
Thanks man! Yeah the long intro is something I always worry about - it happens on quite a few of our songs - I think we need to get out of the habit of writing those.