Hello everyone,

a friend gave me this guitar that stood in a corner for many years and nobody played it.
She does not want to sell it, but she told me that I could play it and when she will ask for it one day, I should give it back.
So I cleaned and restringed it and played a little bit on it.
When playing I noticed that the electronics had some problems.

But before I start doing anything bigger on the guitar I would like to know a little bit more about it.
Then I can decide if it is worth to bring it back to its old glory or if I should tell my friend to hang it on the wall.
I do not care much about brands and pricing.
I play guitars that I like the sound of, no matter if it is a $100 guitar or $1000.
But I do not want to spend time and money on a guitar that is not mine and that might not be worth it.
My friend knows nothing about the guitar so I am asking you guys.

There is no serial number on the guitar.
The headstock has a very classic style and has "STAR" written on it.
I was not able to find anything about a manufacturer named like this.

The body has a quite unique shape, it reminds me of a mix between a Stratocaster and a Jaguar.

The bridge seems to be some kind of tremolo system (or at least should look like one).

I am most interested in the pickups.
I have never seen pickups like the ones on this guitar.
They are smaller than humbuckers, but bigger than single coils.
For me they look like some kind of P90 with an open cover.

Based on all the information above, I assume that it is a quite unique looking no-name guitar from Asia.
But maybe anyone of you guys knows more about it?

Cheers, Reedoo
Maybe a Teisco Telestar?
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Yup it's just a rebranded 60's era MIJ and FWIW the whammy bar for that thing looks like a butter knife I used to have the same tremolo on an old SIlvertone.
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the pickups are gold foil and are fairly desirable themselves. guys like Jack White love them and there are some repos (minus the microphonic issue) made these days. 
I can understand why she wants it back, that is a very cool looking guitar. Play the heck out of it!
I did some research and took a closer look on the guitar.
One switch / pickup is not working and the volume poti is not properly working (it is eighter off or max).
To get it back fully working (incl. the missing whammy bar), I would have to invest about 100 USD.
Maybe even more if the problem with the switch / pickup and the poti is not solved when replacing the cables.
About half of the costs would be for shipping, as I do not live in the US and there are no spare parts available in my country.
So I think it is not worth repairing it and I will keep it as it is.

But I have read quite a few things about Teisco guitars now and I like the story behind it.
I will play this guitar and maybe some day I will change my mind and repair it, just for the fun.
We will see...

Thanks everyone for the help!