I've been looking into volume pedals to do some swells and I want a pedal that works with both passive or active electronics. I'm aware of the morley pedals but what other brands would you suggest?
Getchapull318  what do you mean by "works with both passive or active electronics"?  Do you mean passive or active guitar pickups?  Any volume pedal will work for both.  If you don't have a small budget then Lehle has some nice offerings:

I've seen the ernie ball volume pedals that are used for passive or active pickups. They have different pots for each. So I've heard they give off different outputs if you use the wrong pickups with the pedal.
Getchapull318  in 35+ years of playing guitar I've never run across that.  Not that I know every pedal out there, but I don't think that's a huge issue when selecting a volume pedal.  If you're still concerned check out volume pedal posts over at RigTalk.  Most of the folks there play metal so many of them probably use active pickups.
Well for me I have actives but I've been wanting to change to passives and I don't have the time to do that yet and I wanted to get an all purpose volume pedal for ambient swells. I'll also check out the rig talk as well.
Mission Engineering VM-pro is capable of working for passive and active pickups. I have one of their expression pedals and they're quality products. A little pricy but worth every cent.
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A passive pedal is more versatile.  You can use a passive pedal after active pickups, but you can't use an active pedal after passive pickups.  The only place a passive pedal has issues is before a low impedance input.  And the issue is that the sweep will be concentrated at the beginning of the pedal range.

BTW, I'm using the term "active" like EB does.  I.E. Active = low impedance, not active electronics in the volume pedal.
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Yes and no. Essentially, using a volume pedal on passive pickups when it was designed for active will make your guitar sound mushy. Doing the opposite gives you a different effect sweep than intended. You end up with a more linear control rather than a logarithmic one, which is something that doesn't sound that well to us because of how we perceive sound. Well, at least the general consensus is that it's not as pleasing. Anyway, just keep in mind that if you go this route the sweep on the pedal will sound different depending on your pickups, meaning less consistent between guitars.

So yeah, a passive pedal would be more useful if you can only have one. I personally think that'd be pointless for TS if he wants to use it for both consisting there ARE pedals capable of handling both.
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What's the "no" part of my answer?  Making your pickups sounds muddy means it doesn't work in my book.  And your answer about sweep is incorrect as stated.  There is no sweep issue putting a passive pedal after an active pickup.  The sweep problem is when the input impedance is low following a hi impedance volume pedal.  Like might happen if put last in an amp's FX loop.
+1 for the Lehle pedal. I used the Ernie Ball ones for years but switched to Lehle and it's fantastic! Magnetic control and certain ones have a gain stage so they are really cool.
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