I would like to plug my guitar into my MacBook and record with different amps. I am looking for something with great sound, so it can be relatively high end. 

What would you recommend? Is Guitar Rig good for this? If so, what interface would I use to plug in my guitar?

Thanks for your help!
Void90 First thing you'll need is a DAW to record into like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton etc. As for amp simulators, I'd recommend taking a look at Bias FX or S-Gear! For interfaces, it really depends on what you want to do with the recordings. You can go as cheap as Scarlett Solo to make pretty good demos or something like the Apollo Twin for heavy production.
If you want to just record some things and mess around with effects etc then Garageband should do you fine.

If you want to get into mixing I'd suggest something like Reaper which is free.

If you have a budget then it's down to your own preference.

When you say "record with different amps" I assume you mean you want some kind of amp sim. I have never used Guitar Rig but it sounds decent. Other options include Pod Farm, BIAS, Waves GTR, or any of the built-in stuff on software like Garageband. Which one you go for is up to you, really it depends on your budget.
You can decide on a DAW and they usually have some amp sims. I am currently using PreSonus Studio One with its built in amp sims or freeware amp sims and freeware speaker IRs.

Some of the amp sims that I use are Amplitube, Studio One's Ampire, Freeware Nick Crow, LePou with impulse loader NadIR.

What are IRs?

As far as interface - you'll need to check what your budget allows. Something to get you started quickly might be a recording package that has a started DAW, like PreSonus Audiobox which comes with started DAW and audio interface. Same thing is available for Cubase, Roland, etc...

Maybe something like this to get you started: