Can someone Tab part of this song.
I've been dying the learn this song, I checked everywhere online, can't find it.
I would only like to learn the part from  0:47-1;10  sec.

Please help me

Eneida Tarifa - Enderrat do ti mar me vete

Here it is
Basically it just repeats but with a different ending bar ... actually the last two notes could be played with quick hammer-ons from 11 to 13.

NSpen1  thanks a lot .   I've been trying to play it on my acoustic guitar, it's just not sounding right. 
Do you maybe have the  these tabs as a file? I could open it  up with guitar pro and maybe that way I'd figure it out.
or you  maybe u have any advice for me ?

Thank you
NSpen1  it's definately helpig with the timing. I guess as a beginner I wont be able to figure out the tabs for  the rest of the song. At least I got the main part  from you, which I'm so thankful for. really appreciate it.

if u ever get asked again about this song and u end up making the tabs for the  entire song, let me know

have a nice day and thank you
NSpen1 I know I'm asking too much but can u help me with song.

this is the original song with the   vocals

I think it's such a great song.
I can do the intro later - it's based around an E minor chord, then Dadd4 and C like x540xx x320xx , then single notes G F# back to the Em.
NSpen1  if you do the intro  please attached the file, I would love to have and try to learn it.   
NSpen1 I know I'm being annoying, ungreatful and asking for too much. but can you please do the tabs till min 1:20.
Its a very beautiful song, the intro u did it great, but without that following part it just sounds to short and empty.

if u manage to, I would be amazing

thanks in advance 

I'll be taking a final exam in 2 hs on a Saturday, not fun :P
NSpen1 hi. Is there a chance that you;''ll make the tabs for that cover ? 
,or I just give up and not visit this forum every single hour.
the intro sounds nice but it woulld be so much better with that extra part.

thank u
I'm sorry, I don't have time to do all that. Try to work some out yourself, it'll be a good ear training exercise.
Rough notes for the start :
B several times
F#, G several times, A
G F# E, F# & G hammer-pull combination 4h5p4
all around frets 4 to 7