Hey Guys,

im not the best guitar Player and dont know how to find Chords of Songs just by listening them...
I found a new turkish artist and his music is pretty much my kind of style..

The Audio:
Burak Dirik - Zalim

But after some tries i just got this one for the Chorus:
Chorus begins at 0:45 
Capo 6
Dm, Am, C

But how about the rest of the Song? 

Would be nice if you can help me out!
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I don't see the name of the song...or the artist who did it ... Or anything else...
No one can help you unless you give us that information....
oh im so sorry^^ forgot to put it in lmao

Its a newcomer called: Burak Dirik
The songs name is : Zalim

Here is the Audio:
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Abm Ebm7 | Abm Dbm9


Abm | Abm | Ebm7 | Dbm | Ebm7


Abm | Ebm7 Dbm | (after the last repeat: Ebm7)

In the second and third choruses it sounds like he is playing a Dbm9 instead of Dbm.

Outro: (4:07 -> )

Abm | Ebm7 | Dbm | Ebm7 | Abm

If you have your capo on the 6th fret, Abm = Dm, Ebm7 = Am7, Dbm9 = Gm9
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