I've got a super astrotone eg-30 and the neck pocket seems to be cracking. Actually I'm quite sure it is, I hear it cracking a little while I play. The visible cracks seem to be quite expansive as well. What I'm wondering is, is there a way to save the body? Or should I just make a new one for all the parts. I have experience making guitars before, but I'd like to save the body. It looks cool and sounds great as well. Pictures for reference Guitar neck pocket crack https://imgur.com/gallery/PSyda
it looks like only stress cracks in the finish.  you should be able to take some acetone on a rag and rub the cracks, this will blend the cracks together and it won't harm the finish.
kentrock it doesn't seem so in person. It looks a lot deeper than that. It makes a cracking noise sometimes when I play. You think I could glue it or something? Or reinforce it somehow?
fischgut99 perhaps back off the tension on the neck plate screws slightly.  to be honest, a break will be easier to repair and will be stronger than a fine crack as you will be able to get even distribution of the glue.  i wouldnt worry too much about it.  its only wood, and its fixable the body won't be trash in any case.

if it makes you feel better, i have a 72 strat that looks worse than that.
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kentrock I'll try loosening the screws. I just want to try and find something to prolong the break if not fix it. But I do think I have the competence to fix a break if push comes to shove, so I shouldn't be worrying so much lol
fischgut99 you could try removing the neck and then see what you got.  you could try to put wood glue on the crack but i doubt it would go deep enough in the crack to do any good.  then use a little acetone on the finish to melt the paint together to cover the crack.
or if you think its far enough gone, just split the crack and inject some wood glue with a syringe.
kentrock I definitely will! I don't think it'd break anytime soon even if I didn't do anything. It's just piqued my anxious mind I guess lmao