I have a Boss SE-70 Stereo Effects Processor which requires a Boss BRB-230 adapter with the following specs:

In: AC 230V ~ 50Hz 25VA
Out: AC 12V ~ 1500mA

Do you think that it is possible to use a Boss BRC-230 adapter with this specs:

In: AC 230V ~ 50Hz 11.2 VA
Out: AC 14V ~ 800mA

I'm asking this because according to the Roland AC adapter guide the Boss BRC-230 is the substitute for the original BRB-230 adapter (ok per service).

I just want to make sure prior to trying this out and probably damage the SE-70 unit.

Thank you. 
Cosmiceddie  according to the ME-70 manual it draws 1500 mA at 12 VAC, so a 14 VAC 800 mA power supply (the BRC-230) will not provide the proper voltage level and will not provide enough current.