Hello Im getting a new guitar i currently have a esp ltd ex 50 (yeah i know it isnt that good )
I live in Peru so guitars are kind of expensives

I have two options at the moment:

-ESP LTD VIPER 1000 with seymour duncan pickups--> 666 dollars (aprox)

-SCHECTER C1 CUSTOM seymour duncan pickups --> 545 dollars (aprox)

mi budget is around 600 dollars but could make an effort for the viper if it is WAY better thatn the schecter.

I would appreciate your comments

I prefer ESP/LTD over Schecter so I'd buy that one of the 2 choices. Never played either one though.
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It' subjective at that point. Quality wise their similar (both solid). Personally I'm a strat shape guy and don't like the lopsided SG shape the viper has. If you can try both, whichever you find more comfortable. 
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