Hi guys,

This is a quick one:

My Ibanez is on sale for the same price that I bought it used (200CHF still in mint condition), I like it and I play it often; I play it as much as my other strat, but it is out there in case someone “bites”. I could use the cash for another purchase later down the road. I bought the Ibanez because I wanted something with a fixed bridge and 24 frets; I like the brixed bridge and the 24 frets are now irrelevant to me.

Today someone asked me if I wanted to trade my Ibanez RG321MH for his Yamaha Pacifica 604W. I have no idea about this guitar (or the brand), I know some Pacificas are starter guitars, but I think there are also others over $1000.

My other strat is also a HSS (I’ve turned into SS), also with a tremolo (I’ve blocked it), although mine is a standard 6-point tremolo while the other is a 2-point Wilkinson VS100; also rosewood fretboard, the Pacifica has 22 frets and compound radius (as I’ve read), as opposed to mine of 21 frets and single radius.
What do you think? Is one of the guitars “better” than the other? Or with “higher” resale value? The other Strat is my first guitar and its getting a makeover, and until I finish it, I need at least two guitars, one to play one while the other is “under construction”.

Thanks a lot guys! All advise would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. If you live in Zürich and want to get together and jam, send me a PM.
I haven't tried it, but I think the yamaha is a higher-end model than the ibanez- it seems to have a gotoh/wilkinson trem and sperzel tuners.

but obviously bear in mind that i'm just talking off the top of my head with very little to back that up. and the yamahas have quite narrow nut widths compared to your ibanez so you might not like how its neck plays. and as with anything second-hand, its condition is almost as important as how high-end of a model it is- you're not getting a good deal if it's half-wrecked.
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