I currently have a PRS se custom 24 from 2009 dot inlays. It's a great guitar and I've loved using it. Pickups were swapped from stock to GFS p90s. Recently I've noticed the guitar having a bit of fretwear issues which I need to get fixed but along with that came the thought of buying an american PRS

I'd just like some opinions. Are the American PRS guitars that much better than the SE's? not the the SE guitars are bad but would an American PRS be a good upgrade for me? My main concern is the pickups. I've heard from people that they arent a big fan of the custom 24 pickups? I tend to see people swap them out.
I know that P90s and humbuckers are different but I'm not sure what choice to make? I could always swap the p90s into the prs but I was thinking of selling my SE if I do buy a PRS

I just need a bit of help making my mind up and any comments would be appreciated.
It's ages since I've tried either (so bear that in mind, hopefully someone else with more up-to-date info and opinions will chip in), but yeah, a USA one should be a lot better. That being said, it's also a lot more expensive, and like almost any more-expensive product, there's a certain amount of diminishing returns- it's not going to be as much better as it is more expensive.

So it's basically up to you, unfortunately. Do you like your SE? If you like it but just want something similar but better, a USA PRS can be a good idea. (Ironically, if you really love your SE then it's probably not sensible to sell it either, because while you probably will prefer the USA version, it's not 100% guaranteed.)
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