Yeah, maybe metalcore is a bit fleshed out. Don't care. Still love it. Here's the newest song from my arsenal. Give it a try!
this wasnt even that bad of a song, considering how horrible of a meme breakdowns are. The Riffy verse threw me off a little, it didnt seem to fit in that well, certainly the weakest transition in the song. The chorus grew on me and I really liked the OUTRO section, except for the OUTRO BREAKDOWN section which again threw me off a bit as the previous section already seemed like a eprfectly good outro.

I personally would experiment with a variation on the chorus with an ascending chord after the I WAS GONNA CHECK THE TAB TO SEE WHAT CHORD I WAS TALKING ABOUT BUT FUCK TRYING TO FIGURE THAT OUT WITH YOUR TUNING so yeah. I was even gonna go in and play around with the transition to the riffy verse, but I cant stand nonstandard tunings at all and so I wont :/

and as usual my crits sound way more negative than I intended so yeah
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Open note, lowest string, chugging breakdowns always kill things for me... but that's the old school metalcore sound I guess.

That said I really enjoyed the rest of it. Like really enjoyed it. It's cool to see people from way back when posting tunes again.

As for a proper crit? I'd say focus on cutting the fat. Get down to the core of the sound, the riffs you love and build from there. Nothing wrong with those breakdowns per se... they just aren't all that interesting (outside of the mosh), but they do the job I guess.
thorbor It's just Drop D dropped down two steps (four half steps?) Nothing to be scared of! Some of the transitions are a bit rough. Especially since the lead is playing such high notes, and then dropping down back down to riffing. Am open to suggestions!

Of_Wolves I totally get it. There is nothing musically sound about open chord breakdowns, and can get boring pretty quickly. But yet, I'm stuck in the past in that regard. I have it in my head with the lyrics and the screaming patterns, but obviously they sound boring as hell without any of that transcribed. There is also the possibility that I just write dated music. That's probably more true then anything else actually, haha.