I've been looking to buy a guitar for about a year. My uncle loaned me a SG Epiphone, and learned to play on it , but I decided I needed to buy myself a guitar. I looked at a Fender Squire and tried one out. It was horrid! I got looking and finally decided on a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. The other day I went into my local music shop and saw a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 2016 in perfect condition for 650. I'd been looking at one for about 6 months and the cheapest one I'd found was $800.00 plus $45.00 dollar shipping. Is the 2016 for $650.00 a good deal? It has Gibson humbuckers, not the P-90's, but it has absolutely no blemishes on the body. Thanks for all the feedback I'm sure will come!

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Well... You're not really giving us much to work with. You've given us a color and a year and I can promise you a lot of Gibsons have come in a gold color and they range from super cheap to super expensive. $650 could be a good deal on a lower end Gibson and on the flip side if it's a fake then you've wasted 650 bucks. 

That being said, do you have any pictures of it? Do you have any idea of the exact model is? Was it like a studio? Did it have binding? Anything else at all?
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Guesstimating it's a 60's tribute. in the described condition, (imo) it's not a bad used price here in the States. If you are unfamiliar with P-90's make sure you like them clean and distorted as they kind have there own thing going on.  
Sorry I just went to the store and got all the info. It's a Gibson Les Paul 2016 60's Tribute (Guitaraxe you are correct. BTW: awesome name). I've checked the serial number and It's not a fake. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can! Thanks for all the info!
Pictures will help a lot, but the serial number does not tell you whether a guitar is real or fake. I haven't heard of any fake Tributes out there, but just be aware that a serial number is for finding data on a known authentic instrument, and is not for actually proving it's authentic. 
Oh, thanks for the info. I'm just about to head and take some pictures. I'd taken some, but I can't find them on my phone. I plan of posting them later tonight. It was used by a student of the owner of the store and he bought it new. I know the owner really well and he says it's real! Thanks for the info!
I would hope a legit music store wouldn't be selling a fake but I guess you can never be too sure.