Is there any difference between "bass compressors/chorus/distortion/ etc" and a regular guitar pedal?
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I've got a Sonuus guitar-MIDI converted and it won't go below the bass's A string.

I've also got a SansAmp and it doesn't make sense for guitar.
There are some differences as far as I know due to the different frequencies they produce.  That doesn't mean some can't be used for either but guitar pedals may not give you the sound you're after on bass and vice versa.  
CENSORED. An example of a guitar unit which doesn't work for bass and an example of a bass unit which doesn't work for guitar.
So if i were to buy some pedals for a bass i should get ones soecifically for bass and not any old guitar pedal?
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I would guess it depends on the pedal. I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to effect pedals in general, but I have used my MXR Micro Chorus for both bass and guitar. It does cut the lows a bit, but to my understanding that's just the nature of chorus pedals. Though chorus pedals designed specifically for bass usually have an EQ which helps with the bass that usually gets cut, so a bass chorus may be a better choice. But otherwise there's really nothing wrong with the sound of the MXR Micro Chorus on bass.

I have a Bass Big Muff and my guitarist friend said it doesn't really sound like the guitar Muff (when he tried it with his guitar) - it's a similar kind of tone, but from what I remember, they had a bit different kind of EQ and it just didn't work that well for guitar (even though the "normal" setting on the pedal was supposed to model the Russian Big Muff, IIRC). But a lot of people have used the guitar Big Muff for bass. But if we talk about bass distortion in general, it tends to sound pretty different from guitar distortion.

Pedals aren't really instrument specific. You can use guitar pedals for bass and vice versa, but I guess the safest choice is to get a pedal designed for bass if you are going to use it for bass. I would still suggest trying some guitar pedals too (they tend to be a bit cheaper than bass pedals, and there are also usually more pedals to choose from) - some of them may work just fine for bass. Most likely the pedal is going to cut some of your low end, and that's probably not even the case with all guitar pedals.
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So if i were to buy some pedals for a bass i should get ones soecifically for bass and not any old guitar pedal?

Boss has a bunch that Bass players like to use. The Boss BF-2 for example is a "known" Flanger that Bass players like. Boss CE-5 is another. Many like the CE-5 over the CEB-3. The Boss OC-2 is a very popular Octave for Bass. The Boss LS-2 is popular as a blend pedal for Bass rigs.... FZ-2, PW-2, FT-2, DD's....
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I have limited experience but I know for a fact that some peddles work fine on both.  I'm a Bass player but I dabble in Guitar from time to time.  I work on an extremely low budget so I make sacrifices where I can for example I have no Guitar amp I use my Bass amp to power my Guitar which for a bass head like me it's not really a huge problem that my amp favors the low end of my Guitar more.  I also have a Boss ME50B which works great with my guitar all the different effects sound great coupled with it.  I have a Boss Distortion peddle for my Guitar and I've hooked that up to my Bass and it gets similar sounds as the ME50B so those 2 peddles at least work quite well on both a Bass and a Guitar.
Generally, Guitar pedal will work for Bass, but at a loss of certain parts of the low end.  This is true with classic distortion effects.

Some Bass Guitar pedals have been adopted by the 7 and 8 string players to help them extend the effect that they seek.

Meanwhile, the more modern bassists, 6 stringers more particularly, can like Guitar effects as their amplification systems do more work in the above 6KHz range.

That is the score.  It is ok to cross the street and enjoy what the otherside has to offer,
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As has been stated, there are some pedals that will work just fine for both. Modulation effects generally work well for either. Compression and distortion are a different story, though. You'll want to be sure that the effects don't cut too many frequencies. There are pedals that allow you to mix in more of the dry signal so that you don't lose your bottom end.