I'll start by saying I love the sound of Telecasters but I think they're the ugliest guitars ever created. I also don't want a Telecaster because everyone has a Telecaster. When the Vela came out and I saw the brass barrel saddles, I though that would be my #1 since I'm a big fan of offset bodies and unique sounds. I knew the PRS Vela would be my perfect guitar. I finally got around to trying a beautiful frost green metallic one. It was by far the most disappointed guitar I've ever played. It was an objectively good guitar but it wasn't what I wanted at all. It just reaffirmed that I need a 25.5" scale length that doesn't have a glossy neck. I was most disappointed in the sounds though. The neck pickup was way too dark. The bridge pickup sounded too much like a traditional humbucker and it was way too hot while the coil tap sounded weak. And then then the guitar wasn't punchy which probably has to do with the scale length. I thought it would be closer to a Telecaster with a different flavor but it ended up having none of the good things a Telecaster has.

My disappointment led me to seek other guitars. I loved the finish on the Vela and I remembered Fender had an American Professional Jazzmaster in a similar color. I started watching demos and it had everything I wanted tonally in a guitar. I went and tried one today it sounded perfect. It had the best qualities of Strats and Teles. I always stayed away from Jazzmasters because I prefer simplicity and I'm even starting to hate the 5-way switch on my guitars. Jazzmasters are also known to have a few issues. But this was one of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard. I knew I would like it but I didn't just how much I would love it. My only complaint is that turning the knobs all the way up has the 10 pointing towards to input jack. It's an easy fix but it's a baffling decision when you consider the other changes they've made to this version. I will definitely add this to my collection though.
I've made a thread like this before.

Guitars that disappointed me:

- The quality of the large majority of lower end to mid priced Gibsons. Their specs are very mediocre (and sometimes very stupid) compared to most other similarly-priced offerings and they're way too inconsistently made. Many of them have QC problems that are totally inexcusable for a guitar at such a price point. Either they need to sort the QC problems out or they need to slash the prices of their guitars significantly to help cover the cost of fixing the issues present with their guitars.

- The new Jackson Pro series. They look phenomenal and they're competitively specced for the price. I desperately want to adore them, and there are great examples that do not have any issues whatsoever, but in my experience the consistency of their QC just isn't there on both the Indo-made guitars and the MIM Dinkys. Too many instances of sharp fret edges for me to recommending buying them blind. The older MIJ pros were so much more consistently made.

- Charvel Desolation. Shouldn't really count as they're not even made anymore, but the QC of those guitars was some of the worst I've ever seen. Shouldn't really be surprised since they were incredibly cheap given their specs and they were all Chinese-made.

- PRS. They're beautifully made guitars, but I just don't like how they feel or sound whatsoever. They sound too thin for my liking, and the neck shapes are just all kinds of weird to me. They're thick in the areas I don't like them to be thick and thin in areas I don't like them being thin. And the styling of many of the USA PRS' is way too ostentatious. The flametops and the finishes that augment them are just way too vulgar.

-Guitars that surprised me (recently)

- Strats. I'm not a strat guy by any measure, but once I got my hands on a £5000 CS '63 relic strat I could not stop playing it. It has such a beefy neck and tiny frets but it just felt wonderful. The chubby neck really supports the left hand with bending and the tiny frets almost made the guitar feel like a fretless. It put a huge smile on my face.
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