I really need a case for when I put my guitar in my car as well as walk around with it to campus. I've needed one to fit my strat shape guitars. I'd normally just go for the hardshell but there are times when I walk around with it and those hardshell flight cases can get a little heady so I was looking into polyfoam. Are polyfoam cases any good? Would they offer equal protection?

I'm more likely to bump my case into things than drop them if ever but I tend to be very careful. The polyfoam case just seems like it would be nice without the weight but if it's not going to be protective enough I'll go for a hardshell
If you're talking about stuff like this:

I use them for most of my guitars. Pretty much, if my guitar doesn't come with a HSC, those are what I look for. I have yet to have a guitar damaged while in one.
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danslip I wouldn't recommend a HSC over a good SSC unless you were flying or touring. A soft case an an amp in the back of a Subaru is entirely different thatn 6 guitars, 3 amps, a speaker system and a drum kit. A guitar would be perfectly safe in a solid soft gig bag.

A SOLID hardshell is the best in my opinion. With locks made out of the same material as the case, not the flimsy metal latches. But if you don't need that level of protection, you just dont need it.
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I always get the cheapest hard shell on GC of MF and I've never had a problem
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