How did you start your cover channel,if you have? I'm about to go for some recording but im still not sure if the song i play matters...I prepared some difficult songs for some attention but if i go for hard songs will it be hard to go for some easy songs? I know its a do what you want situation but im curios about the strategies you applied
Okay, let me tell you. Cover channels are boring. Why would I want to watch your stupid cover when I could listen to the band play it? What's my motivation? Is there anything unique that would make me watch your cover instead of the music video or live footage of the band? What's your angle? What's your gimmick? What makes you unique? Probably nothing.
Play standing the fuck up and have a gimmick. 

My 5th most viewed video is me playing aerials as a teen, and it only got that far because I head banged a little bit. 

Look like you're having fun, and people will have fun watching.  Accuracy or technique isn't as important. 
It's more effort than most Youtube cover channels want to put in, but I really like how this guy has live tabs of exactly what he's playing overlaid onto his videos.
Give me something to look at other than the dude's boring hands.

cover channels are so lame

i used to post my covers on youtube before i started making my own, original music
only a couple of those videos got popular, so it really was just a wasted effort in terms of gaining traction for my channel.
keep in mind this was like 2008-2014, so it was optimal time to be doing the whole "cover guy showman" thing, and it really only works out for a few people.
if you just want to make covers for your own enjoyment to see your progress, go ahead, but unless you're putting A LOT of consideration and implementation into the sound quality, video quality, editing, production, lighting, etc ... then there's no point in trying to build a fan base with your iphone camera recordings.
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