Wanting to build a pedal, specifically a compressor. Anyone ever made one worth while and if so do you have the plans?
Yes they're kits. You're interested in building form scratch, just for the challenge? Even my amp tech mate doesn't do that, and he's very good with a soldering iron. He been buying GGG kits, and mods them to suit his tastes, but I don't think that the instructions and plans are as explicit as BYOC.
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Ive built a fuzz pedal from scratch so i thought a comp would be basically the same so i just wanted a schematic cause i couldnt find one online
The 5 knob byoc is a great little comp and is cheaper than buying parts separately. It also comes with the added bonus of having a pre printed circuit board.  A comp has a lot more parts than a fuzz so it's a bit of a different beast.  A fuzz is easy to make without a printed board but a compressor isn't.  I wouldn't attempt to make one from scratch if you can't print a board or buy a printed board.
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I've built a few BYOC pedals (never a compressor) and after the first one I looked into just buying the parts separately and "doing it myself" and it ended up being a huge hassle finding all the parts and it was going to be more expensive than just buying the kit, plus you get a nice printed circuit board instead of having to wrangle together a working mess out of perfboard. I made a tiny little amp using a schematic, getting all the parts myself, and rigging it on perfboard. It was fun in a way, but it was a super simple and small design. Anything more complicated would be a nightmare.