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Kytokinesis I think the problem with the album is that the songs don't have enough variation in them (and your expectations ;P). Some very simple things could make that album a lot better:

- Greater variation in song lengths/structure (e.g., the interlude before the final track is a good example, but a longer epic would be nice)
- More deviation in tempos (in particular, a few faster ones would help)
- Use of a few different modes/scales not typically found in thrash/doom

I remember reading a review of this album and the guy said they were maximising their potential and give it somewhere around 65-70% rating. While I agreed with the rating, I didn't agree with the reasoning. For the reasons above, they certainly are not maximising their potential. I feel the same way about the album Dead Heart in a Dead World by Nevermore.

I think there is a very good reason for that, the result of Nevermore being a groove metal band than the circumstance of a band wanting to sound like a slowed down bluesy version of their favourite thrash bands. Nevermore has a very strong Candlemass influence, if you combine that with thrash, then you're going to sound a bit like a groove metal band (musically). Then having a melodic singer with operatic vocals will certainly separate you from someone like Phil Anselmo. On top of that, I think Warrel Dane is --- on a lyrical level, a notch above most vocalists. I have a hard time picking sometimes which tracks/albums I like the most. One of my favourites is No More Will:

I think it combines the best of their influences - Doom at the start, thrash in the middle, grooves under the shreddy guitar solos. How can you not headbang at 1:28?

Would you put Morgana Lefay in the same category as Nevermore along with the others?

What about Psychotic Waltz? They have a similar aesthetic to Nevermore:

That album did have some good moments, but The Blackening came out at a more important time for me. Halo just happens to hit the right notes for me.
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A Social Grace is up there with Awaken the Guardian, Spectre Within, Holocaust's Covenant, Born of the Cauldron, Enchanter's Defenders of the Realm, Winter Kill etc.
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VampireGoldfish Yes, I love some of those albums (haven't heard all of them) you listed, and I know that Psychotic Waltz falls under the progressive metal bill. I was just pointing out the similarities between Psychotic Waltz and Nevermore.
Love Morgana Lefay... Their specific blend of power metal and groove makes them unique in their own right, with the two genres being pretty much polar opposites. They always had a distinct melodic european power metal overall approach to songwriting and a lot of their riffs. The chorus riffing of My Funeral's Calling shows what I'm talking about.
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