me and my friend were doing a set up to me guitar. my friend unscrewed the knobs themselves to clean them but did thing to the actual wiring. 
now i got my guitar from him and i tried it and there were no input. 
i opened the back cavity where all the wires are.
just pushed the wires around and it started sending signal again as usual. 
but now  my tone knob is my volume knob and i don't know how.
any explanation or how to get it back to normal ? 

update : just realized the pickup switch is swapped now too. 
it's like something in the wiring is upside down. 
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just switch the position of the volume knob and tone knob. Take the volume potentiometer out and switch it with the tone?

You mean the pickup switch is upside down? Put it back in and turn it upside down?

Moral of the story:

Don't work on your guitar stoned.
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Moral of the story:

Don't work on your guitar stoned.

I literally was thinking that!

OK so say for example, you re string your guitar and instead of putting on the low E string, you put the less thick B string in that place instead. So what do you do?

Common sense. You take it out and put the B string into the B slot where it's suppose to go.

Same thing with your electronics. Take the knob covers off. Unscrew. Take it all out. Then move the volume potentiometer back to where it needs to go. Youtube it if you're having issues.

Also if you're trolling, well played sir
Why don't you talk to your friend and find out what he did?  Then tell him to fix it if he messed it up.  Otherwise, take it to a shop.  I don't think you are going to get a course in soldering and all the equipment you need here.  Not to mention the hand holding you'll need to understand what you are doing.
moral of the story: do things yourself OR let somebody who is competent do the work for you. not a dumb random ass friend.
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