Hey, been writing tunes in this vein recently and I'm mostly happy about this one but I feel like maybe it just sits too boring all the way through and doesn't give enough dynamics, or is too repetitive? Let me know what you think
Hey man, 

Cool song, very mellow vibe to it. Lead guitar especially got something nice going on! Very relaxing. But like you said, I noticed too, the rhythm is very samey throughout the whole song. Every section seems to have a lot of the same dynamics going on. The strumming guitar especially seems to deviate very little so it becomes a bit droney, maybe simply replacing it with arpergio would help. Same with drums, the cymbals switch it up a bit but the snare has the same rhythm going on the whole time. Or even turning off the synths in REF for example would give it a slightly different feel and make it stand out more.

But the base melody sections and chords are all great, and very enjoyable. it's more the execution I'd focus on.

So thumbs up   here's my song if you wanna give it a listen https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1755708