Hello, I have been playing ukulele for about a year now and i would say i'm quite proficient with the chords and strumming. I'm now thinking about trying a guitar. Do note that i have never actually held or seen one in real life, so i'm quite clueless. The acoustic guitar seems quite boring to me though and i don't want my family to complain about it being too loud. I was wondering if an electric guitar's volume can be adjusted lower than the acoustic.
I currently have my eyes set on the beginner pack from Rise by Sawtooth https://www.amazon.com/Sawtooth-ST-RISE-ST-SB-KIT-1-Electric-Guitar-Sunburst/dp/B015YLZS5G
I'm also wondering if you can strum chords on the electric guitar in a pattern as you would on an acoustic, eg. D DUDUD because from all the videos i've seen the players just fingerpick and it's confusing. 
You're probably not gonna get the best responses in here, but what the heck.

If you're starting out, that guitar seems fine, but don't underestimate the acoustic guitar, I'm guessing you might have been watching a bit too much Ed Sheeran, certainly there are some amazing acoustic players out there

Can the volume be adjusted lower than an acoustic? Yes, but the lower the volume on your amp is, the less dynamic the output will be, and it'll lose some of the lower end frequencies.

You can strum chords, which is a pretty common thing in a lot of jangle-pop type music, but on the whole, acoustics work better for that kind of stuff.
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The acoustic guitar seems quite boring to me though

Said the ukulele player. Electric guitars are just as boring for the most part. Have you considered hurdy-gurdy instead?
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-If the instrument has frets and you can make the right strings at the right fret for a chord, you can play any strumming pattern on which ever instrument you want.
-Electric and acoustic guitar are mostly for different tonal qualities however there are some things that are far better suited to either electric or acoustic.
-The specific guitar you picked out would probably be more suited to play lead, but if you have your heart set on it, it's still somewhere to start
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