The list could go indefinitely if we look into finer details but here I am going to list down the most common and biggest mistake that beginners make while learning guitar.
1) Avoiding Barre chords- This is something every guitar player will tell you. Although seemingly unsurpassable, regular practice can help you master Barre chords, making you a much better guitarist.
2) Doing only boring drills- Instead of just sticking to drills, mix it up by practicing how to play some easy songs.
3) Right Hand Problems- This is one of the most common problem with beginners that they hit the string too hard. Even a gentle touch on the string can create the distinction.
4) Not pressing strings hard enough- If you’re getting buzzing sound while strumming, it means you are not pressing the strings hard.
5) Not holding the guitar in a proper form- The curves on the guitar are for a reason. So, balance the base of your guitar comfortably on your thigh and lap, keep your back as straight as possible.
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