Hey, while my friends learn simple things really fast, i suck at learning stuff, the easiest stuff are hard to learn to me. Ive been playing guitar for many years, but i still learn easy chord progressions slow and stuff, its quite annoying. Im being tested for bipolar disorder and me and the experts are pretty sure i have that... I get so fucking depessed, and im always falling behind, my gead is so slow im stupid, its ruining the fun of stuff to learn slow. PS the experts slso say i may have a reading or learning dissability or both.... Can someone maybe help or something...
you're not stupid
lots of people suffer from depression and anxiety, and it really holds them back in life
get the help you need, get on some medication perhaps?
see a therapist maybe? looks like you need somebody to talk to, there's lots of options

inb4 what you need is a new amp
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