Hey guys, I have two parts to this post and I hope someones able to help.

I'm trying to tab out the solo (starts at 4:37) to this song, and I'm using the Amazing Slow Downer app, and I'm also slowing down the Youtube video itself to figure out what notes he's playing.
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I was wondering what software you guys use for tabbing and if there's any out there where I could actually slow down the Youtube video itself without sacrificing sound? Amazing Slow Downer is a great app, but alternating between my laptop and cell phone is kind of annoying, and if I go below the 0.5 speed on Youtube, the sound stops completely. Looking for something where I can slow down the audio like my app does, but also the video for the times his hands are visible.

My second part is a plea for help tabbing out a certain part of the performance. The time is 5:16 - 5:24; I can't quite make out what he's doing. Here's what I got so far for that part and I'm almost certain everything after the C# is wrong (he's using a Q-tron in the song so the sound is distorted -- especially slowed down to 25% speed). I was just throwing stuff in there to finish the tab, but I would rather be as accurate as possible if anyone could do me a solid. I can tell he's doing some bends as well.

I'm guessing it's a wild mix of A-maj and G-maj pentatonics.

On a side note, how crazy good is his voicing for this solo??

Thanks guys!
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