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I'm torn between these 2 pedals I know ehx is analog and tc is digital. But they're both really great pedals and I want to know any opinions on these pedals. Any suggestions are welcome.
These two are relatively newcomers in the noise gate game. I use a MXR Smart Gate and don't need to try any new ones as that one does a fantastic job. The other guitarist in my band uses a Boss noise gate and that one works good too, people also really like the Decimator buy ISP.
I say try the MXR - it is probably just as flexible, or buy one of these two and make sure you get it from a place with return policy.
Right now I'm using a small fender mustang ii but have a chorus pedal that generates some little hum
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TC Sentry hands down.

The major advantage the TC Sentry has is it's a multi-band gate that allows you to gate out certain frequencies when they fall below the noise threshold while still allowing other frequencies to still pass through. This means you can set the gate up in such a way that the pedal gates out frequencies that noise resides in while still allowing the guitar signal to pass through, even if the guitar signal is below the level of your noise floor. Full-band gates like the MXR Smartgate, EHX Silencer and ISP Decimator simply cannot do this.

Not to mention that the Toneprint app allows you to fully customize every parameter of the gate you could ever possibly want. So you can perfectly tailor the behavior of the gate to exactly the behavior of your rig. Again, nothing else in the price range is anywhere near as powerful.
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