Sonny Cried
Type - Tab
Part - Whole Song

This song is fantastic. It would be great having a tab to learn it.
Hey bryant_jordan 

I can imagine that this song is fantastic, since many Harry Connick Jr. songs are.
But better would be if I could easily listen to it myself. So if you'd put up some information, on which album it can be found and/or link a matching video for the version you request, I'd most probably upvote your request. Let me know when I can check out the song.

Ahhh - haha I even own this album! But I don't have the names of its song in mind, since I liked more a couple of other albums from him, which I also own (e.g. 20 and We Are in Love). But Blue Light Red Light it's a very good album, anyway, and the requested song is definately good enough to upvote!