My Mistress 

I once dabbled
Now caught with
My inability to escape
This grotesque connection
That I thought beautiful

My mistress holds me down
I gave her the chains and
I made her kneel on my chest

She used to impart
An intoxicating caress
Captivating me
Holding my sorrows at bay
She kindly numbed me by the glass
Slowly her nails dug into my skin
See the scars from attempted escape

I tried to leave
But she keeps me prostrate
Or kneeling and begging
As a caged dog
I'm enslaved to her call

I want to divorce myself
From this cruel and petty whore

Flirting with a disaster
She showed me pleasure
She became my everything
Now she demands my time
Laughing as I stumble
Reminds me with each inebriating kiss
How I fall

Now I cannot extinguish the pain
From what vat she plunges me into
She puts this barrel to my mouth
Just let it go off and release me

Let me go

Unbind me
You cruel, vindictive whore
Damn you
I've lost the hourglass
Being held with your cursed embrace
My mistress calls for my grave

She's the weight I have kneeling on my chest 
She puts this barrel to my mouth
Just let it go off and release me now
Let it go off 
Let it go off 
Don't let it go on 
Just let me go! 
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