Hi there,

First I'll introduce me.... Dan. Started fresh from uke playing to get a more distortion sound. Only got me a little fender squire to start me off. Also treated myself to an amp and Rp55 Digitech pedals.
The reason I've got a guitar is for the learning of rock songs and there sounds. One in particular being Kenny loggins danger zone. Love the sound but at a struggle to play it. First problem is dead notes (Ghost notes) what's the best way to play them. Two how can I get the tone of the first distortion guitar? Add a lil reverb??? I haven't a clue..... Please help.

I've been playing for about a month and have a few songs I can play like "I LOVE ROCK N ROLL" and "SEX ON FIRE" But this is the one party piece I'd love to know.
Thanks for you time for a noob