bought a wonderful, cheap, second hand Harley Benton acoustic fretless bass, lately. 
Since it doesnt have his preamp anymore, i thought i could make some upgrades myself.
I would get it some new electronic (because the piezo is alright it only needs a new preamp system), selfmade bone saddle and nut, strap buttons, maybe even new mechanics. (Also a pickuard on fretless?)
I do everything for the very first time without any experinces and my question is: 
Is there anything i should know? 
The upgrades shouldnt be much expensive (either is the instrument), but also i want to do as much as possible (out of curiosity).

The Instrument itself is in good condition and sounds good. Its the older model which comes with bridge pins (even selfmade Bridge pins would be awesome).
Also let me know, if you want to see my attempt.
otherwise ignore. 

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