I'm about to go into pre-production of my band and am currently sweating the drummer to a click track. It is funny, but few years have passed where I haven't had to do drum editing to grid, so I am a bit rusty, especially in Studio One. I've been mostly programming drums so I've worked to a grid but it has been all in midi
Any users? How are the facilities?
Just remember to have an unedited track so that you don't ruin your take.

From there, set your editing grid for the required note resolution (I use 64th notes as a dedicated editor).

Now remember that your Skip Edit cursor is Ctrl and Alt at the same time.

So the process is find your edit point and cut the audio there. Once you have it, Ctrl+Alt click the post edit waveform to move it around as needed. Once you have your edits. Highlight your edits and press X, which makes crossfades to add some cleanliness. Adjust as required. Now bounce the track as needed.

One of the things I've found with in-depth editing in SO3 is that there's still some work that PreSonus needs to do for multitrack editing. Everyone who edits using SO3 has their own method... and you'll need to find yours. I use a very old school PT style using markers and structure seperates (IE: cutting each section (Verses, chrouses, bridges, pres) so that you can easily align those parts to the click based on markers then flesh and fill out the part with edits). Some people start at 00:00:00:000 and edit from front to back in a cumulative style. I prefer the function of knowing the measure counts (as mentioned before) to keep the vibe, and it allows an artist or producer to say "I hate that bridge, can we shorten it/cut it?" a lot easier.

There's a few resources out there that may help guide you. I read http://www.studio-one.expert/ like a religious text, I'd recommend doing the same. I've learned a lot of interesting tricks there.

Sorry I can't be of much more specific help, as I can't quite put into words how my editing workflow operates... I've a development that's been 15+ years in the works.
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^ yeah, I might let Pro Tools and the studio engineer on that session handle that while the drummer is paying for the time...

I've done some minor adjustment in S1 ver.2 (which I still use), and multitrack slip editing is a nightmare in it IMO. Might use Pro Tools for it I guess then...
We'll see how tight he is, I am leaving him to flesh out his parts to a metronome while I am going on vacation, I don't really want to waste my time with this as I am not going to get engineering or production credit on this record anyway, and I am not getting paid as it is my band...interesting how perspectives change.

Probably after things get screwy, eventually I'll give up and produce and engineer the whole thing as always