So I recently acquired this bass for free. Doesn't look like much but it plays well and is worth keeping for the most part. I'm just curious if anyone could help narrow down the model (affinity series etc.) or maybe the year too. There's a few details that I find a bit odd though. 1. the headstock has some residual black paint almost as if it was previously painted black but the Squire label looks pristine  so I find it hard to believe that anyone would try to fake a squire, much less be able to do so this well. The tuners have also been swapped out, though these don't really seem all that nice so I'm not entirely sure why.  The knobs also seem to have been replaced as these don't sit well on the pots at all. 2 There is also a weird paint glob mark on the top horn , can't quite tell what it might be but it almost looks as if it was factory paint.  Help would be appreciated!  

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Chinese, the marks around the tuners look like residure from where the original ferrules were, not sure about the nut (maybe smaller than the original?).